2 minute recycled CD lamp. No tools required.


I have stacks and stacks and stacks of old CDs lying around. I had seen the sun hit them multiple times over the years and thought they looked pretty neat with light coming through them. Since I know I’m never going to use these again, I figured I would put them into something I would use.

I thought the easiest way to make a lamp out of old CDs would be to go find a florescent tube and simply slide it down the middle of the stack. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one thin enough. I did find a solution that is probably better though. Under cabinet LED lighting. It comes in thin strips that can easily be inserted down the core of a stack of CDs, even with something else in there to keep them in place. It doesn’t produce heat and it is fairly energey efficient.

I made two versions of the lamp to see which looked better.

Version 1. The desk lamp.

Simply bend a fairly strong piece of wire into a wide base, leaving space for the electrical cord. Stack the CDs on top of it and you’re good to go! A quick curl at the top can help keep it all together in case you bump it.

This version looks good and between the two, is the one I would continue to use.

Version 2. The hanging lamp.

Tie a fat knot in some rope and feed the CDs down to the knot. Once you’ve got your CDs stacked up, slide the LED strip down the middle. This could be pretty cool looking under the right circumstances, but I think a prettier piece of rope would help a LOT.


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