3 things that make perfect key racks without modification

Losing your keys is so frustrating. You only notice they’re lost when you’re literally walking out the door. A key rack can save you so much time and effort. Once you put one in, you won’t know how you lived without.

Here are 3 items you can mount on your wall that make fantastic key racks, but were never intended to be one. You don’t have to add anything, you don’t have to make anything, all you have to do is mount them on your wall.  We think they look better than the boring ones in the store too.

1. Lego


Not only is the Lego keyholder visually pleasant, it makes re-combining sets of keys easy too.



2. an old rake head


Old rake heads might be more useful after they fall off than they were while on the rake. Once they fall off, you can use them to hold all kinds of things. Not only do they make a perfect key hanger, they make a fine wineglass rack too.

[picture from Artfeatdesigns]

3. a magnetic knife holder


Holds keys just as well as it holds knives!

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