5 simple kitchen hacks for better cooking

Cooking is often an excercise in experience. The longer you’ve been cooking, the more tips you’ve picked up on how to cook better. Here are a few quick tips to improve your cooking instantly!

1.We are going foreign on this one, but it’s a great hack nevertheless. Use a single onion ring to make the perfect egg.


2.Cutting boards and baking pans take up so much room. Use a metal desk organizer to save that space.


3. As the picture says, heating your pizza with a cup of water prevents the crust from getting chewy. However, you can also apply this hack to any leftovers to prevent food from drying out.


4. The donut method. Shape your leftovers in the shape of a donut to heat faster and more evenly.


5. Cooking corn couldn’t get any simpler. Chop off the end, microwave for 4-5 minutes, squeeze the top and the corn pops right out. Butter, salt and enjoy.


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