A Pair of Urban Gardening Hacks

Velcro Plant Straps

If you’re trying your luck at growing fresh veggies on your balcony, you might want to try this creative repurposing of velcro cable straps.  The straps, normally used to keep wires and cables organized, have an advantage over zip strips and other similar ties in that they are easily removable and adjustable.  They’re pretty cheap, too: you can get a pack of 100 for under $10 USD.  (Credit to Reddit user wolfamiandshadow for this tip.)

Vertical Garden

Next we have the vertical garden: an ingenious solution for urban gardeners who are short on horizontal space.  It’s relatively simply to use, once you put it all together, and it looks cool.  All you need need are a shoe organizer and some simple hardware, plus the gardening materials, of course.  You can adapt it to indoor use, as well, and grow fresh herbs year round.  Just hang it in a sunny place in your home and place a trough or bucket under it to catch excess moisture.

Here’s the Instructable.  Good luck and happy gardening!

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