A Trio of Easy Car Hacks


Check out this post from Complex Rides for a set of car hacks that contains a few gems.  My favorite is the pool noodle door protector for those of us parking in narrow garages.  It’s especially useful when you have a kid that opens the car door like he’s a young Arthur removing a sword from the stone.

If you have an extra pair of boots laying around, collecting dust between hiking trips, toss them in the car and you’ll always have a place to put your 64 ounce Big Mama-jama.

boot cup holder

Finally, even though we’re a little out of season for it, it’s worth remembering that hand sanitizer will de-ice your car lock.  Just squirt a little on the lock, then maybe a little more and a little more, until the ice is melted by the alcohol in the sanitizer.

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