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cheese shaker

Parmesan Cheese Shaker Repurposed

After using the last of your Parmesan cheese on a big spaghetti dinner, don’t throw out the container!  Wash and dry it thoroughly, then repurpose it as a powdered sugar shaker. …

sticker removal

Remove Stickers from a Laptop

So, you have an old laptop you want to sell (or maybe you’re thinking of buying a used one) and you want to get rid of the stickers decorating the entire surface of the thing.  Maybe…


Build a Milk Jug Igloo

I don’t know what it is about kids and confined spaces.  My son loves to crawl into any area that’s just big enough to hold him.  Whether it’s under the beds or inside…


Easy Video Lighting for Under Ten Bucks

One of the biggest challenges for amateur videographers is getting good light on the subject.  Natural light is often too bright or too dim, depending on the time of day, while indoor…


Clean Your Earbuds!

As I’ve mentioned before, in these pages, I am a regular on the bike paths of my neighborhood.  It’s an enthusiasm for exercise that comes with some complications. 


Create Space in Your Bathroom

With just a few bucks and some simple carpentry skills, you can create attractive storage space in your bathroom and free up room in the medicine cabinet for all the stuff you want to