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Three Creative Uses for Old Denim

Do you have some old blue jeans hiding in the back of a dresser drawer, ignored, and unworn?  Check out these repurposing projects and make room for some new clothes!
First up is a quick


Banana Hacks

Bananas are nutritious and delicious.  They contain vitamin B6, fiber, potassium, and a touch of vitamin C.  There are countless recipes for their use: banana breads and muffins,

water ring

Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture

Long ago I gave up trying to keep our furniture in pristine condition.  Our living room table is a battlefield of scars from toy car races, Lego-corner wood carving, and umbrella sword

homer tent

More Cool Tips for Summer


The air conditioner in my apartment is not keeping up with the Summer heat.  As I sit here typing these words, I have three fans pointed at me and am still overheating.  Naturally,…


Painlessly Remove an Adhesive Bandage

Living with a five year old means always keeping a stock of band aids.  Maybe it’s just my kid, but it seems like that age is prone to falling down while doing the simplest of things:…


Beat Writer’s Block

If you write for any reason- blog articles, short fiction, poetry, even a letter to the folks back home- chances are you’ve experienced writer’s block.  It can be an