Beat the Sun’s Glare with Tinted Plastic Sheets

Movable Sunshade

The Sun comprises 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System and produces a surface temperature of 5505° C.  The Earth orbits our star at an average of 92.9 millions miles.  During the Summer, however, it sometimes feels like all that roiling mass and heat is sitting just outside your car window, baking the interior and dazzling your eyes.

There’s a simple solution (my favorite kind!), however, from Popular Mechanics, who point out, “No matter how large and flexible the visors in your car or truck may be, there always seems to be that gap somewhere, during sunset or sunrise, where light can temporarily blind you and you just can’t block it.”  So, follow their advice and grab some tinted plastic sheets.  “You can place these small, moveable sheets on the windshield or side windows to knock down the intensity of sunlight and save your eyes some strain.”

What’s more, if you work in an office with lots of windows, the sheets can be applied and reapplied as necessary to block the incoming sun and cut the glare on your monitor or keep it out of your eyes.

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