Beat Writer’s Block


If you write for any reason- blog articles, short fiction, poetry, even a letter to the folks back home- chances are you’ve experienced writer’s block.  It can be an annoyance that pushes you a little off schedule, or it can be a crippling blow to the psyche that derails a once promising career and drives you to the brink of madness.  If you’re suffering from the latter, be warned nothing we suggest here address that kind of problem.  If you fall into the mild end of the writer’s block spectrum, however, you might want to check out these brain hacks from back in 2009 to help you kick start the creative engine in your head.

  • Write the middle – Stop whining over a perfect lead, and write the next part or the part after that. Write your favorite part. Write the cover letter or email you’ll send when it’s done.
  • Write crap – Accept that your first draft will suck, and just go with it. Finish something.
  • Write five words – Literally. Put five completley random words on a piece of paper. Write five more words. Try a sentence. Could be about anything. A block ends when you start making words on a page.

You’ll notice that all three of these tips start with the same word: write.  That’s no coincidence.  The best way to beat writer’s block is to just write… anything.  Good luck, wordsmiths!

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