Bungee Cord Ball Organizer

Ball storage

Illustrating the point that you never know where you’ll come across a great life hack, in the middle of a blog post about cleaning her family’s garage, Designed to Dwell‘s Wendy shares a ingenious solution for storing sports equipment.

balls storage close

She writes, ‘To build this, Mark nailed wood to the studs on both sides and then added another piece to each of those to form a “U” shape.  He did this at the bottom of the ball section & also four feet higher.  He drilled holes into the “U” shape & then added three foot bungee cords.  He put the hooks from the bungee cords into the drilled holes.  We added a shelf on top to hold some cones & a couple of other toys.  Now, when the kids need a ball, they just take them out from between the bungee cords.’

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