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Create Space in Your Bathroom

With just a few bucks and some simple carpentry skills, you can create attractive storage space in your bathroom and free up room in the medicine cabinet for all the stuff you want to


Three Creative Uses for Old Denim

Do you have some old blue jeans hiding in the back of a dresser drawer, ignored, and unworn?  Check out these repurposing projects and make room for some new clothes!
First up is a quick

water ring

Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture

Long ago I gave up trying to keep our furniture in pristine condition.  Our living room table is a battlefield of scars from toy car races, Lego-corner wood carving, and umbrella sword


Wrinkle-free without an Iron

I own a clothes iron.  It’s a pretty fancy one, too, a gift from a relative when my wife and I were married a few years ago.  We have never used it.  It sits in its box, on a shelf

extension cord

Extension Cord Hack: The Parachute Knot

Here’s a hack that, had I found it 20 years ago, would have made my construction worker father a happy man.  As a teenager, I went through a two year period when I was fascinated…


A Pair of Urban Gardening Hacks

If you’re trying your luck at growing fresh veggies on your balcony, you might want to try this creative repurposing of velcro cable straps.  The straps, normally used to keep