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Bucket Hose

Organize Your Hose

What do garden hoses and Christmas lights have in common?  No matter how organized and neat you leave them, it seems they are always a tangled mess next time you want to use them.

carpet burn

Repair a Carpet Burn in Minutes

My first apartment had two bedrooms, one bathroom, peeling paint, rusty pipes, and a roommate who smoked two packs a day.  The only thing that made the apartment livable was the cream-colored…

scarves 1

Organize Scarves for Next to Nothing

My wife loves scarves.  She has at least two dozen- that I know of.  But, since they seem to multiply while nobody is looking, there may be many, many more.  She has a few favorites

Tablet Wall Mount

An elegant pair of mounting solutions

Life hacking can be defined as the search for uncommon solutions to common problems.  As life hackers, when we are presented with some small niggling annoyance, we revel in finding…


Break String Without a Blade

If you’ve ever tried to break a piece of string using just your hands, you’ve also likely suffered a small rope burn across the inside creases of your fingers. Worse than the