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cheese shaker

Parmesan Cheese Shaker Repurposed

After using the last of your Parmesan cheese on a big spaghetti dinner, don’t throw out the container!  Wash and dry it thoroughly, then repurpose it as a powdered sugar shaker. …


Hack Your Breakfast: Great Bacon!

Oh, man, do I love bacon and eggs for breakfast: a few drops of Tabasco on the eggs and the bacon crispy, but not so crispy that it disintegrates on the fork.  The mouth waters at the thought! 

coffee time 3

Coffee Time

I saw this ingenious solution… on Reddit’s r/lifehacks, a couple days ago, and have been thinking about it ever since.  It’s simple and brilliant: take two cups, one

cutting onions1

Cut Onions Without Tears

I’ve written before about various kitchen hacks that I picked up working in restaurants over the years.  One of the best tips I ever learned was for avoiding the tears that come…

Three More Tried and True Kitchen Hacks

I love kitchen hacks.  They’re handy, applicable in daily life, and a lot of times they’re just fun.  Whereas, I don’t consider myself a kitchen wizard, I’m


Fruit Flies Begone!

We go through a lot of bananas in our family.  My wife uses them in smoothies, my son eats them as snacks, and I take them along on bike rides and walks.  Occasionally, however, a bunch


Eggs: Hard Boiled AND Scrambled in the Shell

Here’s a neat trick for making scrambled eggs- inside the shell- for a cool addition to a boxed lunch, or, as the video’s maker suggests, an interesting tweak for making…