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Can opener

Three Ways to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

My first Swiss Army knife had a can opener attachment that I was forbidden to use.  Even though the tool had four other actual blades on it, the can opener was deemed a source of peril…

Tablet Wall Mount

An elegant pair of mounting solutions

Life hacking can be defined as the search for uncommon solutions to common problems.  As life hackers, when we are presented with some small niggling annoyance, we revel in finding…


Ice Cream without Freezer Burn

During these Summer months, keeping a nice supply of desserts in the freezer is not just a good idea- it’s a survival strategy.  There’s nothing like spending a hot,…


5 simple kitchen hacks for better cooking

Cooking is often an excercise in experience. The longer you’ve been cooking, the more tips you’ve picked up on how to cook better. Here are a few quick tips to improve your…