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Build a Milk Jug Igloo

I don’t know what it is about kids and confined spaces.  My son loves to crawl into any area that’s just big enough to hold him.  Whether it’s under the beds or inside…


Clean Your Earbuds!

As I’ve mentioned before, in these pages, I am a regular on the bike paths of my neighborhood.  It’s an enthusiasm for exercise that comes with some complications. 

cheap-o grill

Cheapo Grill

Next time you’re cooking out and need some extra grill space, don’t waste money on an extra charcoal grill that will be used once then shoved into a corner of the garage

bike light 1

Clothespin Bike Light

Since I switched my daily bike ride to the evening hours to avoid the worst of the Summer heat, I have realized that the people driving through my neighborhood are a little crazy.  I


Use Tea Candles for tough camp fires

I camp a lot. I personally LOVE the process of collecting kindling and various sizes of wood to build the fire. It is fun, and possibly even cathartic. There might even be some tiny bit