Cell Phone Hacks on the Cheap: Macro Lens, Amplifier, and Screen Protector

Here’s a fun video from Kipkay that outlines some easy hacks for your cell phone.  First up, give your cell phone camera a macro lens- with a magnifying contacts case.  The cases are easy to find (check your local pharmacy) and will cost you less than $5.  Hold the magnifier against the cell’s camera and the very small appears much larger and clearer.

After Kipkay reminds us that a cup or glass will amplify the cell phone’s speakers, he suggests using clear packing tape as a screen protector.  This is probably not a great idea, but, in a pinch, will do the trick.

And, finally, if your phone supports custom ringtones and you have access to audio editing software, you can easily screen unwanted calls by recording a track of silence and setting it as the ringtone for unwelcome callers.

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