Cheapo Grill

cheap-o grill

Next time you’re cooking out and need some extra grill space, don’t waste money on an extra charcoal grill that will be used once then shoved into a corner of the garage to collect dust.  Instead, drop a few bucks at the dollar store and save the rest of your cash for some extra steaks.

Just grab a deep-dish lasagna pan and a wire cooling tray.  Dump the briquettes in the pan, light it up, and you’re ready to stand guard, waiting for the charcoal to reach the right temperature while you chase away BBQ dilettantes who want to start cooking on the too-hot coals.

Visit the Instructable by sk8er6 here.  Important safety note: the bottom of this makeshift grill will be very, very hot, so be mindful of where you place it.  A pair of cinder blocks, as in the above pic, will do nicely.

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