Clothespin Bike Light

bike light

Since I switched my daily bike ride to the evening hours to avoid the worst of the Summer heat, I have realized that the people driving through my neighborhood are a little crazy.  I stick to the bike path, for the better part of the ride, but there are a couple stretches of my route that take me onto unlit streets.  I don’t mind the small taste of danger, so much, but my wife insists I use a light.  Her exact words were a little, um, blue for this forum, but suffice to say the term “damned fool” was peppered throughout the conversation.

Here’s a cool hack for a detachable light that you can drop in your bag after your ride.  All you need is a clothes pin, a couple small zip ties, and, of course, a bike light.

Keep it on two wheels, fellow velocipedists.

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