DIY Dryer Sheet That’s Good for Up to Fifty Uses

DIY Dryer Sheet

Well, it finally happened: after weeks of writing hacks, I am finally sharing something found on Pinterest.  If you listen very closely, you can hear my wife gasping as she reads this over my shoulder.  Anyway, setting aside the internal politics of my marriage, she’s a big fan of the site and gets full credit for bringing this to my attention.

The hack is explained in full, here, by Heather of That Crazy Family, but the basics are a breeze: First, soak a hand towel in your favorite brand of liquid fabric softener then squeeze out the excess.  Next, hang the towel over a chair or on a clothesline to dry.  “My house smelled super clean,” Heather says, “for the three days while this towel was drying completely.  Yes, it took three days!”  When the towel is completely dry, toss it in the dryer with your freshly washed clothes just as you would a regular disposable dryer sheet.  The towel is good for 40 to 50 loads before it needs another dip in the softener.

Thanks to Pinterest user Wendy Jones for “pinning” this one!

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