Fix a keyless entry remote with junk electronics


You can have an auxiliary port for the stereo in your car, a GPS system, or even a conspicuous lack of a cigarette lighter, but there’s no denying the most handy feature of the modern automobile is a keyless entry system. But what happens when the battery in your remote dies?

[Pranay] had this problem and instead of going to the store and buying a new coin cell battery, he improvised a quick fix out of junk electronics.

The original cell in [Pranay]’s key was a CR 1616. He replaced it with the CMOS backup battery from an old computer – a CR 2032. Of course the new cell wouldn’t fit in the old battery connector, so [Pranay] whipped out his soldering iron and installed the new battery that way.

It’s an easy fix, and with the new cell the keyless entry of [Pranay]’s car should last twice as long; probably until he sells his car.

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