Fix Broken Powder Makeup with Alcohol

I’m a guy.  I get razor burn and I shout at football games on TV.  I do all kinds of “guy” things.  I even have a favorite car engine (the Chevy 427 Big Block).  So, when my wife suggested I write up a cosmetics hack, I snorted in derision was clueless.  Then she showed me this action-packed video from Michelle Phan.  I have to admit, I was impressed not just by the martial arts choreography in a makeup hack video, but by the hack itself.  I would never have guessed you could fix a broken block of powder with a splash of rubbing alcohol and a spoon.

Michelle offers another set of tips that make use of spoons to help reduce morning swelling around the eyes, curl eyebrows, and concoct custom lip colors.

If the spoons don’t work, here’s a more in depth remedy for puffy eyes.

After watching a handful of Michele’s videos and seeing what women have to deal with on a daily basis, razor burn seems like a petty complaint.

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