Getting rid of unwanted ads


Nobody likes ads, be they in the form of a banner ad, Google’s text ads, or the oft-maligned junk mail that arrives in your mailbox every day. Here’s two tips to rid yourself of unwanted ads in your mail, both in your digital life and IRL.

The first tip comes to us from [Charlie B] over at Pirate Labs. He says if you write the word ‘Deceased’ on junk snail mail and drop it in a public mailbox, you’ll see a reduction in the useless paper-based ads that show up every day. The same goes for telemarketers:

When I answer the phone and it is obvious it is a telemarketer.
I pretend that I am my brother and in a solemn voice I say.
” This is David B,  Charles B brother and I am handling his estate.
Could you be so kind as to remove his name from your list.”

It’s also possible to get rid of those innocent text ads that show up on your Gmail account. Apparently, if you use a few of Google’s banned words – talk of murder and one of the seven words you can’t say on television – no contextual text ads show up next to your message.

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