Gmail Advanced Search is a Time Saver


At least once a week, I find myself poking around in my Gmail history for some phone number or link or attachment that I suddenly need again.  But, as a long time Gmail user, that history has grown to an unmanageable size.  Sifting through the results can be a daunting task- especially if I don’t remember the context of what I’m looking for.

So, when I needed to re-download a document my wife sent to me back in July of last year, I figured I would just have to do a simple search for everything she’s sent me and then spend half an hour clicking the “Older” button in the search results until I reached the page with emails from that period.  Fortunately, I discovered an easier way: Gmail Advanced Search.

gmail 1

Use the drop down menu at the far right of the Gmail search field.  Then, enter your specific search parameters to quickly zero in on your target.

gmail 2

If you need even more search options, check out Google’s support page for a full list of advanced search operators.

I suppose it’s not a “little known” feature of Google’s free email service, but for me, it was unknown until yesterday.  Now that I know about the feature, I’ll always be able to find urgently needed documents.  (Okay, it was a funny cat picture my wife sent me a year ago.)

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