Hack Your Cheap Telescope for a Better Viewing Experience


In anticipation of a family camping trip later this month, I have ordered a cheap “starter” telescope for my son.  He’s been learning about the planets and stars and is ridiculously excited.  Since the telescope is primarily a toy for him, I didn’t spend a whole lot on it, but I’d still like to get the most out of it.

Thanks to this Instructable from tholopotami, I am ready to make some improvements to the telescope to keep it fun for me while maintaining my son’s already keen interest.

tripod stabilizer

Most ingenious and simplest among the suggested hacks, I think the water jug stabilizer will also be the most useful: hang a full water jug from the tripod to keep it firmly on the ground.  Using this easy trick, the process of finding and sharing neat stuff in the sky will be easier for both father and son.

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