More Cool Tips for Summer


The air conditioner in my apartment is not keeping up with the Summer heat.  As I sit here typing these words, I have three fans pointed at me and am still overheating.  Naturally, my thoughts have turned to lifehacks to beat the heat- without crawling into my refrigerator until October.

homer tent

Our first set of solutions comes from The King of Random (via  He’s taken some oft-repeated Summer hacks and demonstrated them in the above video.  My favorite is the muffin tin repurposed to hold BBQ condiments and save picnic table real estate.

Another way to beat the heat is to make sure you are using your AC the right way.  Follow this in-depth guide and you’ll not only be cooler, this Summer, you’ll also have more money in your wallet to splurge on your Fall wardrobe at the end of the season.  I can already feel the difference after following the suggestion to wash my AC’s filter screen:

It feels like a hassle, but it really isn’t. If you leave things untouched, the filter cakes up even more badly — then it becomes a real hassle. Clogged air filters restrict airflow, ups running costs, and often lead to expensive-to-fix compressor damage. Cleaning the filter screen is highly important in a polluted, concrete jungle or dusty place (like Hong Kong, the Middle East or southern USA) — you may have to clean the air filter once a week.

If you have an outdoor unit and are feeling extra handy, check out this guide for an AC deep cleaning.

Above all, take heart: the Summer is nearly over and soon enough we’ll all be looking back wistfully on these hot months while outside the ground is blanketed with snow.

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