Organize Scarves for Next to Nothing


My wife loves scarves.  She has at least two dozen- that I know of.  But, since they seem to multiply while nobody is looking, there may be many, many more.  She has a few favorites that see regular use, but the rest just seem to collect in varying states of folded-ness in her dresser drawers.  They hang limp and ignored from hangars in the closet and collect in gauzy, particolored drifts on the closet floor.

She tells me she would wear them if she could find them, so I poked around and found a couple ideas to help organize the scarves and let them see the light of day- which, by the way, is the only thing that stops them from reproducing.

Here’s a cheap solution from The Crafty Scientist that requires nothing but a clothes hangar, shower curtain rings, and a bit of string.  Even simpler is this variation from Little House Living.

scarves 1

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