Organize Your Hose

Five Gallon Bucket

What do garden hoses and Christmas lights have in common?  No matter how organized and neat you leave them, it seems they are always a tangled mess next time you want to use them.

We’re a little out of season for a Christmas lights hack, but we do have an answer for your garden hose woes.  Of course, you could spend $15 to $100 on a fancy reel, or you can follow the advice of Five Gallon Ideas’ Trevor and drop three bucks at your local hardware store.  This garden hack even has a couple options: you can coil the hose inside the bucket for easy transport (photo below), or you can mount the bucket on a wall and curl the hose over it (top photo) and use the interior for storage.

Bucket Hose

If you go with the upright bucket solution, Lifehacker suggests drilling drainage holes in the bottom to avoid collecting standing water that breeds mosquitoes.  By the way, “Upright Bucket Solution” would make a really cool band name.

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