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Beat Writer’s Block

If you write for any reason- blog articles, short fiction, poetry, even a letter to the folks back home- chances are you’ve experienced writer’s block.  It can be an

dash panel

Fix Cloudy Plastic with Olive Oil

My first love was a 1981 Toyota Corolla.  Oh, how I loved that little car. We went everywhere together: to the beach, to the mall, across the state to a water park with all our friends. …


Wrinkle-free without an Iron

I own a clothes iron.  It’s a pretty fancy one, too, a gift from a relative when my wife and I were married a few years ago.  We have never used it.  It sits in its box, on a shelf


Hack Your Breakfast: Great Bacon!

Oh, man, do I love bacon and eggs for breakfast: a few drops of Tabasco on the eggs and the bacon crispy, but not so crispy that it disintegrates on the fork.  The mouth waters at the thought! 

cheap-o grill

Cheapo Grill

Next time you’re cooking out and need some extra grill space, don’t waste money on an extra charcoal grill that will be used once then shoved into a corner of the garage