Painlessly Remove an Adhesive Bandage

Living with a five year old means always keeping a stock of band aids.  Maybe it’s just my kid, but it seems like that age is prone to falling down while doing the simplest of things: he could be looking at a butterfly and somehow ends up falling and scraping his knee.  I mean, literally, just looking at a butterfly.

So, we go through a lot of adhesive bandages.  Usually, I just drop the kid in the bath and the band aid falls off in the warm water.  Sometimes, however, a bath is not convenient, so we use the olive oil method, explained here by ParentHacks user, Rachael:

If you dip a cotton ball or q-tip in oil (olive or baby) and rub it against the band-aid, it will allow the band-aid to just fall right off. We’ve eliminated a lot of screaming in our house this way!

Check out the Lifehacker video above for an alternate method: heat the band aid with a hair dryer for a few seconds and it will come off without any pain, a trick that’s especially useful for those of us with hairy arms.

By the way, I don’t suggest sifting through “bandage removal” videos on YouTube.  Ick…

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