Repair a Carpet Burn in Minutes

My first apartment had two bedrooms, one bathroom, peeling paint, rusty pipes, and a roommate who smoked two packs a day.  The only thing that made the apartment livable was the cream-colored pile carpeting our landlord installed after the previous tenant left.

When our lease ended, we cleaned for two solid days and actually had the place looking better than when we moved in.  There were, however, a handful of small (and not-so-small) cigarette burns in the carpet in the living room and in my roommate’s bedroom.  We ended up losing most of our security deposit which led to me nearly losing a friend.  Had I known about this easy fix, I could have saved $300 and quite a bit of drama.

All you need is some carpet cleaner and a brush, scissors, and matching spare carpet (the video suggests using a piece from the corner of a closet) and you could save quite a bit of money come Moving Day.

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