Three Ways to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

My first Swiss Army knife had a can opener attachment that I was forbidden to use.  Even though the tool had four other actual blades on it, the can opener was deemed a source of peril since I would surely slice off my finger on the roughly cut can lid.  Who knew a tin of baked beans could be so dangerous?

Fortunately,  a friend taught me the method in the video above and we did not starve during our backyard camping adventure.

There are several tricks to opening cans that might come in handy on your next camping trip or family outing.

If you have access to a chef’s knife, try this method:

If all you have is a spoon, this is the way to go:

Warning: With any of these methods, there is a risk of losing a finger: the can lids will be as sharp the knife you’re using.  Please use caution!

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