Travel Hack: Bring an Outlet Splitter


Outlet Splitter

Keeping your head on straight while traveling can be a challenge- especially if we’re talking about crossing state lines or international borders.  There are flights to confirm, items to pack, and loose ends to tie up.  The slew of electronics we carry along helps us to keep track of all the details, but, of course, they need juice.

As Matt points out, “Airports have become better in recent years about providing power outlets, but at peak times, there are never enough.”  To ease the headache of recharging your electronics, follow his suggestion and carry an outlet splitter with you.  It needn’t be huge: a small splitter or power strip with a couple of plugs will be enough to keep your laptop and phone charged.  Spring for a model with built-in USB ports for easy charging of MP3 players and other smaller devices.  The best part?  If you haven’t taken all the outlets, you can create goodwill and lessen airport rage by helping out other travelers looking for a place to fill up their own batteries.

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