Use and Reuse Dryer Sheets


The dryer timer buzzes and the whole house is filled with the enchanting scents of Summer, sunshine, and, uh… lilacs. Few of us think about the dryer sheet that worked that magic except to toss it in the trash can: but the life-cycle of that laundry afterthought may be just beginning.

The Krazy Coupon Lady loves dryer sheets. She suggests saving used sheets to help in the bathroom where they “outperform Tidy Bowl!” Apparently, you can thank this cleaning minor-miracle on the fibers that “create a grime-grabbing scrubbing tool that won’t scratch sinks and tubs. Fabric softener in the sheet make dirt and scum slip right off.”

Even if you never use dryer sheets in the bathroom, be sure to save a few used sheets to keep near your laundry room and for your car. Their static fighting properties stick around long after their fresh scent has faded. Next time you’re feeling a little staticky, wipe the sheet over your clothing for a quick de-clinging.

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