Use Google as a Timer

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Knowing that I am almost incurably tardy, a friend sent me this You Should Know post that was pretty popular, a few days ago, on Reddit.  It’s a useful tip and one I will surely use, but I am still kind of miffed that this friend- a serial double-clicker and typer of “www” before every web address- was the person to turn me onto it.  This guy is teaching me how to do anything on the Internet?  The shame.  Oh, the shame…

Anyway, Google has a nifty feature that allows you to turn it into an alarm clock or timer.  Just enter “Set timer 35 minutes” and, in addition to search results for online clocks and timers, you’ll get a timer built right into the page:


Reddit user Blemish also points out that the “timer counts in hours, minutes or seconds.”

If you prefer an alarm clock approach, commenter Profix recommends entering a specific time, for example, “set timer for 7pm.”

Neat tricks, but it still rankles that they came to me via a guy who doesn’t know how to create a folder on his PC and has a desktop so completely filled with document files that he periodically deletes old files to “make room” for new ones- even though he has nearly a terabyte of empty space on the drive.

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