Use Tea Candles for tough camp fires


I camp a lot. I personally LOVE the process of collecting kindling and various sizes of wood to build the fire. It is fun, and possibly even cathartic. There might even be some tiny bit of buddhist release in building the perfect fire stack, then burning it to nothing.

However, sometimes it has been raining, or I’m in a hurry, or the kids aren’t into it and I need to move on. For those times, I pull out the trusty tea candle. Tea candles are tiny and super cheap, and they burn for a long time. A tea candle placed under quite damp wood will burn long enough to ignite it. No more huffing and puffing and re-stacking to get that fire going.

Next time you’re going to make a fire, give it a try. I promise it will be the easiest fire you ever made.

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