Vertical Freezer Pops

Last week, I skipped right past this freezer pop hack while trawling Reddit’s Lifehacks.  The image must have registered on some subconscious level, though, because it has been popping into my mind ever since.  This morning I realized why.

I realized why I ignored the pic at first and then why my brain wouldn’t let it go: there’s a simple thing I have been doing incorrectly over the course of my entire life.  How often- throughout my own childhood and then as father to a five year old- have I made the mistake of laying ice pops on their side in the freezer?  How many times have I wasted a precious few drops of that delicious, sugary ice-water when cutting open the plastic tube?  Too often and far too many times.

Of course, this hack really is inconsequential and will not appreciably change anybody’s life.  However, you have to consider what it represents: that occasionally a hack will come along to make you think, “If I am just learning this now… what else have I been doing wrong for all these years?”

(Credit and a big thank you for this hack goes to Redditor AwildNicCage.)

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